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Music for Advent 2019

Hello song leaders and hello everyone! Here’s the music we’ll be singing this Advent season. We observe a 7-week Advent at St. Lydia’s, which includes the services from Nov 10 to Dec 23.

Click the linked song titles to hear the recordings to learn the songs.

1) Gathering Song

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (pick one verse – taught by call and echo)


Come O Lord and Set Us Free


2) Candle Lighting Song

Evening Lamps Are Lit


God Came Down


3) Table Acclamation

Advent Table Acclamation


4) Prayer Song

During Advent, we’ll include Come O Lord and Set Us Free on the list of regular choices.


5) Offering Song

Laudate Dominum (Sing, Praise, and Bless the Lord)


Amen, Siakudumisa (Amen, We Praise Your Name O God)


6) Final Hymn

People Look East



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October 27, 2019 Sermon

Here’s my sermon from Reformation Sunday, about our continual re-forming:

191027 Sermon – Rev. Elsa Marty – Always Re-Forming

Text: John 8:31-36

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Music for All Saints’ 2019

Hello Song Leaders,

Here’s the music will be using for All Saints’ Day, 2019, which we will observe on Sunday, November 3 and Monday, November 4.  All Saints’ Day is a time when we remember those who have died, and the service music reflects this theme of remembrance and the mixture of wonder, sadness, and joy that we feel when remembering those we’ve lost.

Gathering song: “There Are Angels Hovering Round

Candle Lighting song: “Receive, O Earth” (refrain only)

Table Acclamation: “Fall Acclamation

Prayer Song: Song Leader’s choice

Post-cleanup Gathering Song: “Zimbabwe  Alleluia

Final Hymn: “For All the Saints

It’s a special day for the congregation, and your song leading provides a great invitation for people to take part in this celebration of remembrance.  Thank you for that!

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October 20, 2019 Sermon

Thank you to Rev. Axel Kawalla for sharing his art and preaching about faith and refugees this week!

191020 Sermon – Rev. Axel Kawalla – The Mustard Seed in the Mediterranean

Text: Luke 17:5-6

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October 14, 2019 Sermon

Here’s my sermon from the eighteenth week after Pentecost, on giving thanks to God:

191014 Sermon – Rev. Elsa Marty – Giving Thanks

Text: Luke 17:11-19

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October 7, 2019 Sermon

Here’s my sermon from the seventeenth week after Pentecost, on what it means that we are simultaneously sinners and saints:

191007 Sermon – Rev. Elsa Marty – Simultaneously Sinners & Saints

Text: Luke 17:5-10

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September 29, 2019 Sermon – Kiah Baxter

Here’s Kiah’s sermon from the sixteenth week after Pentecost, on a difficult text. Thanks for preaching Kiah!

190929 Kiah Baxter – Sermon – Reminders of God’s Message

Text: Luke 16:19-31

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September 22, 2019 Sermon

Here’s my sermon from the fifteenth week after Pentecost, on the parable of the dishonest manager:

190922 Sermon – Rev. Elsa Marty – A Problematic Parable?

Text: Luke 16:1-13

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September 16, 2019 Sermon

Here’s my sermon from the fourteenth week after Pentecost, about being lost and found:

190916 Sermon – Rev. Elsa Marty – Lost & Found

Text: Luke 15:1-10

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September 15, 2019 Sermon – Rev. Liz Edman

Rev. Liz Edman preached this Sunday about the woman at the well and her conversation with Jesus. Rev. Edman is an Episcopal priest, political strategist, and the author of Queer Virtue.

190915 Sermon – Rev. Liz Edman – The Woman at the Well

Text: John 4:3-29

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