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Sermon Podcast: You’re Too Much

What does faith look like when we take the nameless woman who poured perfumed oil all over Jesus’ head, right in the middle of dinner, as our model? From a first-century dinner table to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, sometimes faith lived out is the opposite of respectable. Listen at Broken Bread. 

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Sermon: 99 Sheep and Affordable Housing

Listen to Emily’s latest sermon podcast, 99 Sheep and Affordable Housing. The Gospel of Matthew encourages us to have an old fashioned come-to-Jesus when someone in the church “sins against” us.  But what if it’s our law makers, leaders, or business executives who are the ones sinning? When 1% of the world’s population is just [...]

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Sermon Podcast: Going “Out Into The World” and the Heebie Jeebies

  Listen to Emily’s latest sermon, now in podcast form for your listening/downloading pleasure!   Does Jesus sending the disciples out two by two mean that we’re all supposed to be going door to door, selling Jesus like traveling salesmen?  Or to be more gender inclusive, traveling salespeople? This one’s on Matthew 10:1-16, take a [...]

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Sermon: Wicked Weights, Dishonest Scales

Read Emily’s latest sermon, echoing the prophet Micah’s call for the dismantling of oppressive systems of power and injustice on her blog, Sit and Eat.

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Restorers of the Streets: Resources for Learning About the Prison System

Anthony Sandusky, friend of St. Lydia’s and a pastor at Concord Baptist Church in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn stopped by last week to preach on Isaiah 58:1-12 and the prison industrial complex in America. Crucial to our understanding of incarceration in our country is our grappling with the fact that racism is at its heart. Here is [...]

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Onleilove Alston: Building the Beloved Community in Brooklyn

One Sunday, September 28, St. Lydia’s was pleased to welcome Onleilove Alton, Executive Director of Faith in New York to preach at our service.  Onleilove asked the question, “Who is my neighbor,” through the lens of the story of the Good Samaritan, found in the Gospel of Luke.  We were privileged to hear Onleilove’s reflection on neighborhood, gentrification, [...]

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Sermon: The Tides are Rising, But We’re Rising Too

Read Emily’s latest sermon, a part of St. Lydia’s Fall Justice Series, on her blog.  This one’s on Psalm 104, God’s earthy orchestra, the People’s Climate March, and the rising tides we’re facing together.

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Sermon: The Difference Between Love and Rescue

This one’s for anyone who’s wondering just what we’re supposed to DO in the face of injustice in this messy, complicated world of ours. Listen here!

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Sermon: The Necessary Ingredients for the Oppression of a People

Read Emily’s latest sermon, “The Necessary Ingredients for the Oppression of a People,” on her blog, Sit and Eat.  The text is Psalm 13.

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Sermon: The Architecture of Death and the Shooting of Michael Brown

Read Emily’s most recent sermon, “The Architecture of Death and the Shooting of Michael Brown,” on her blog, Sit and Eat. St. Lydia’s will be walking in vigil around our neighborhood each Sunday night after Dinner Church at 9:00 pm, 304 Bond Street.  All are invited to join us as we remember Michael Brown and [...]

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