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Songs for Lent 2019

Lent is a season of reflection and re-turning to God. The Table Acclamation is very simple and spare, so if you’ve been waiting for a chance to try leading the Acclamation, this can be a great season to begin!   1) Gathering Song A Kyrie Eleison, which means, “Lord, Have Mercy.” This Kyrie is from […]

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Songs for Epiphany 2019

Happy New Year! Here’s the music we’ll be singing this Epiphany season, from Jan 6 to March 4. 1) Gathering Song Arise, Shine -or- Jyothi Dho Prabhu (Give Us Light) 2) Candle Lighting Song The Light of Christ Has Come Into the World 3) Table Acclamation Ordinary Table Acclamation (Scott) 4) Prayer Song Song Leader’s […]

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How Long, Dear Savior

This is a “fuguing tune” in four parts also known by the title “Northfield.” It was composed by Jeramiah Ingalls in 1800 on a text by Isaac Watts from 1707. In 2018, St Lydia’s own Jake Slichter created this two-part version. Here’s the sheet music.

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Music for Advent 2018

Hello song leaders and hello everyone! Here’s the music we’ll be singing this Advent season. We observe a 7-week Advent at St. Lydia’s, which includes the services from Nov 11 to Dec 24. Click the linked song titles to hear the recordings to learn the songs. There’s a lot to dig into here. Let me […]

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Laudate Dominum

Laudate Dominum (or, “Sing Praise and Bless the Lord”), from the Taize Community in France.  Sheet music may be found here. Language: Latin/English

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Descend to Us

This is a brand new composition for Advent by Matt Veligdan, and it will be used during the candle lighting and procession to the tables. This Advent, a reading (Revelation 21:1-5a) will be added between the passing of the light and the procession to the tables. Once each person is holding a lit candle, invite […]

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People Look East – Call and Echo

People Look East is an Advent classic at St. Lydia’s. This year, try this new twist – we’ll use it as a Gathering Song. The congregation will not have hymn sheets, but will copy the Song Leader’s words by echoing. In the middle of each verse, the Song Leader will sing a bit solo before […]

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Music for All Saints’ 2018

Hello Song Leaders, Here’s the music will be using for All Saints’ Day, 2018, which we will observe on Sunday, November 4 and Monday, November 5.  All Saints’ Day is a time when we remember those who have died, and the service music reflects this theme of remembrance and the mixture of wonder, sadness, and […]

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Songs for Fall 2018

Hello dear song leaders, Here is the music we’ll be singing this fall season (Sept 9 through the end of October). Lots of Lydian composers represented here! Click the linked song titles to hear the recording. xoAngela   1) Gathering Song The Mighty Will Fall, by Debbie Holloway -or- Lament for Zion, by Debbie Holloway […]

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Oh Stranger, Oh Neighbor

Congregant Debbie Holloway introduced this song. It began as a traditional Shaker song called “O Brethren, Will You Receive,” was later adapted by Harold Aks, and finally underwent some further lyrical massage on the St Lydia’s congregant page. Enjoy this beautiful new prayer song option. A recording by Debbie is right here. Oh stranger, will […]

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