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A final nudge from Heather about seasonal giving

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a little on the blog entry about a small seasonal-giving campaign that I volunteered us Lydians for. On the Sunday that followed, there was an outpouring from our community and we raised a pretty penny, getting us well on our way to our $70 goal. St. Lydia’s finds grace in a shared meal, and St. John’s Bread & Life thinks meals are important too. A $70 sponsors one family at Christmas, providing them with a turkey, vegetables, stuffing, soup, gravy, fruit, bread, dessert, and an age-appropriate toy for each child under 16. This is an extraordinary way to extend our ministry beyond the walls of Trinity, beyond the regular contributions that we, as a group, make to support Trinity’s daily soup kitchen.

Today I sent off a payment to Bread & Life and I’m back here to remind you that there’s a little cardboard oatmeal tub begging for your extra dollars when we gather this Sunday. Before we take our Christmastime break, before we scoot off to parts unknown to spend time with friends and family, before we bid farewell to 2010, I ask that you find a way to help make some family’s year—a year that was undoubtedly rough—end on a high note. We won’t know who we’re helping, and there’s something delicious in that: We can go crazy! We can surprise even ourselves by how easy it is to find an extra dollar, an extra ten dollars to donate. Giving is a spiritual practice, as Miss Emily always says, and I’m asking you to practice with me and other members of our community in this season of preparation and anticipation.

You can donate in the little labeled oatmeal canister on Sunday, December 19, with cash or check (made out to me, as I pre-donated for us). It’s the last week that we’re taking in funds for this (as it’s the last week we’re meeting this year), so go big! Questions? Comment here and I’ll reply.

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