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Message from Heather about Bread of Life

Heather Young is a congregant at St. Lydia’s. She has this message for us about adopting a family this Christmas.

Last year, I was pleased to coordinate an effort from St. Lydia’s to purchase a Christmas dinner (and a few gifts) for a needy family through St. John’s Bread and Life (www.breadandlife.org/). Bread and Life serves about 2,000 families each year through this program! It was inspiring to me to see so many Lydians dig into their pockets to find something to give, at a time when purse strings are already tight.

A lot of programs in the city are all about collecting presents for needy kids, and presents are a very nice thing, but Lydians focus on the importance of sharing a meal; our outreach should be no different. This year, Bread and Life’s meals are being produced by New York State farmers, and the ingredients have been grown in a sustainable and healthy way. How much more Lydian can you get?!? I invite you to join with me to sponsor a family — just one family — this Christmas. We need to raise $100 so we can provide the following: a turkey, vegetables, stuffing, soup, gravy, fruit, bread, dessert, and an age-appropriate toy for each child under 16. We did it by the skin of our teeth last year and this year the cost is $30 higher. I have faith that we can do it! Remember, giving is a spiritual practice.

To contribute, come talk to me (Heather) in person this Sunday, December 4 or December 18, e-mail me at iamheatheryoung@gmail.com, or just leave money in the special plate we will set on the welcome table for this purpose. Make checks payable to ME; I’m contributing on St. Lydia’s behalf in advance, since the money has to be sent in weeks prior to the distribution. Remember, this is separate from any contributions you make to St. Lydia’s and does not go toward your annual giving commitment. It’s just an extra bit of kindness during a tough time of year!

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