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Next Garden Volunteer Hours: Monday May 28, 10 AM-3 PM

After lots of hard work this weekend by our many volunteers, I am proud to announce that the Enough for Everyone Garden now has four raised beds filled with soil and planted with tomatoes, eggplant, sweet basil and thai basil, chard, collards, kale, lettuces (four different kinds), arugula, oregano, thyme, peas, cucumbers, beets, turnips, four varieties of carrots, green pole beans and yellow wax beans, and radishes.  And maybe some other things that I’m forgetting.  It is very exciting, and we will be posting updates as things grow so keep checking back for more news and photos!

Eric and I are traveling to a wedding in Vermont this weekend, but we’ll be back on Sunday so our next volunteer hours will be this Monday, May 28 from 10 AM to 3 PM.  What better way to spend the holiday than a pre-bbq dig in the dirt, right?  We’ll be working on placing the retaining walls we built this weekend to make terraces for two more raised beds, and we’ll even out the ground for our sitting area (thanks to our neighbors Allen, Alex and Luke for donating two benches!).  The plan is to make two more beds for the front of the lot, which we’ve learned is the sunniest spot in the garden.  See below for photos of our progress and we hope to see you in a few weeks!

And finally, we are learning that when you come to volunteer, its a good idea to bring water, a sunhat, sunscreen and a pair of garden gloves.  See you soon!

Carlo and Eric unload bags of soil and compost from the pickup truck we rented and drove to Home Depot.

The team goes off the grid to plant tomatoes and peppers.

Placing the fourth bed.

Kathleen and Emily looking fancy in front of our new bench.

Evan plants lettuce seeds.

The hole where our retaining walls will go in to create two terraces and a level sitting area.  This is the “before” picture!

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