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St. Lydia’s Tote Bags are Totally Stylin’

Dear Friends of St. Lydia’s, Here There and Everywhere,
I happen to know that there is one thing missing from your wardrobe.  It is a St. Lydia’s tote bag, which adds both pizazz and zest to any outfit.
Just look at Jake, whose lilac and ochre ensemble is perfectly complimented by the tote bag’s neutral hues:
St. Lydia’s tote bags are also extremely useful.  For instance, they’re helpful when one is pretending to be a monster, as demonstrated by Matt:
Other uses include, but are not limited to, the carrying of large or heavy items, such as children.
By this point, I’m sure you are asking yourself, “but where can I get a St. Lydia’s tote bag???”  Look no further!  The process is stunningly simple. See that little yellow button on the right of your screen?  Just click on it, and give an offering of $30 or more.  Preferably more!  Because I know how generous you are.
In all seriousness, my friends, it’s takes a lotta dough to run a Dinner Church.  And that’s why I’m asking you to take a moment, right now, this very moment, to consider what you might offer to St. Lydia’s.  We have $8,000 to raise before the end of the year to stay in the black, and your giving will get there!
There are so many of you who are rooting for us, all around the country, and even the world.  We need your support to keep this thing growing.  Please give what you can!

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