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Christmas Schedule for St. Lydia’s

St. Lydia’s will be holding regular Dinner Church services on Sundays through the holidays. We won’t be having a special Christmas Eve service but if a group of Lydians want to attend another church’s service together, we’d like to help facilitate that. If you want to go to church on Christmas with a group of Lydians, email rachel@stlydias.org to let me know. I’ll put everyone in touch and make suggestions for nice services around town you could attend.December 23…

is Christmas Eve Eve! We will have a fun, Christmasy service that night, diverging just a bit from our usual format. We won’t have a Lead Cook or Sous Chef–instead we will be having breads and spreads and snacky treats. Bring some breads, spreads or treats (cookies!) if you want to–we’ll also order some from Fresh Direct. We’ll also have lots of extra singing of Christmas carols that night, so if you play an instrument, like, ahem, the flute, the mandolin, the violin or the drums, please bring them and accompany all ye merry carrollers.
December 24, Christmas Eve
No Dinner Church (see above)
December 30
We’ll gather for Dinner Church at the regular time, 6:30 PM, to keep celebrating Christmas and get ready to ring in the New Year.

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