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Dough for Dinner Church!

During the month of September, St. Lydia’s is inviting each and every one of you to help build St. Lydia’s.  Give a donation, and help us keep Dinner Churching every Sunday and Monday night.
This Fall, our goal is to raise $17,707.  That’s right, $17,707.  And every little bit helps.  The money you contribute, whether it’s $10 or $60 or $150 will keep bread on our table, juice in our glasses, and, oh yeah, pay our rent!  It takes a lotta dough to run a Dinner Church, and we need our donors to help make it possible.


If the vision of St. Lydia’s has captured you heart, stirred your imagination, or if you’ve found welcome and hospitality at our tables, please give.  We depend on the generosity of donors across the country and around the world to keep us doing what we do.


You can give easily by hitting the yellow “donate” button on the right side of your screen.  Or, if you’d like to set up an recurring donation, you can easily do so by contacting Rachel Pollak at rachel@stlydias.org

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