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Music for Advent, 2013

Squeezebox is a place for our Song Leaders, as well as congregants, to learn the songs we sing at St. Lydia’s. 



Song Leaders!  Advent is upon us, and we will sing such good music.  Here is everything you need to lead song this season.
Opening Song
We’ll open with a paperless version of “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”  Please note that, contrary to this recording of a few years ago, you can sing the entire song through once, then skip the “call and response” phase, and move immediately move into “overlapping” the phases with the congregation.
Then, when the congregation finishes, we’ll move straight into “People Look East.”  The first note of “People Look East” will be the last note of “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”   If there’s any instrumentalist there, they can give us a little intro.
Candle Lighting Song
We’ll sing a new tune, called “Day of Light” written by Anne Krentz Organ.  Intonation is the toughest thing to get on this one, so just keep your eyebrows raised to keep your pitch from sinking!
Table Acclamation
Rachel has written us a snazzy Advent/Christmas Table Acclamation.  It works a little bit differently from our other Table Acclamations, so take a listen.
Prayer Song
During Advent, we’ll sing “Come O Lord and Set Us Free” as a prayer song.
Offering Song
We’ll sing the refrain of “Angels We Have Heard on High” (the “Gloria in excelsis deo” part!” as we gather after the offering.
Closing Hymn
Lo How A Rose” is our Closing Hymn.

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