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Sermon Podcast: Going “Out Into The World” and the Heebie Jeebies


Listen to Emily’s latest sermon, now in podcast form for your listening/downloading pleasure!


Does Jesus sending the disciples out two by two mean that we’re all supposed to be going door to door, selling Jesus like traveling salesmen?  Or to be more gender inclusive, traveling salespeople?

This one’s on Matthew 10:1-16, take a listen:


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2 Responses to “Sermon Podcast: Going “Out Into The World” and the Heebie Jeebies”

  • Marya DeCarlen says:

    I have followed you and St. Lydia’s for years but never listened to one of your sermons….randomly, I chose this one.
    I LOVE that you ask us to point to God rather be filled with anxiety about how to trick or convert people into believing…..you invite us to look and see God at work here; in you; in them, in us; the realm of God drawing close to us..this is truly our work of making disciples by appreciating others and naming God’s presence in our midst.

    Then you offer that Jesus asks to help people see God already here…..the vision of God’s realm in our neighborhood, joining two pieces together to make whole…fabuloso

    I am sorry there are not more comments to your very thoughtful and inspiring words.

    I have longed to create a dinner church in my neighborhood for years…..this feels like a sweet moment when God is bending to earth to remind me that it is possible to organize with simplicity and love.

    Your words remind me that preaching has the power to concretely affect the way people of faith view the world and make decisions for living. It matters how we think and act…it matters also how we nudge and inspire. Of course, you have years of organizing and listening and loving wrapped up in St. Lydia’s….and I can hear your care for your community in this sermon…as well as your call to assist them… and be one of them on their journey to see God. God surely is working through you Emily Scott!!

    • emily says:

      Dear Marya,

      I can’t thank you enough for these beautiful words of encouragement! Thank you for listening, and praying for St. Lydia’s, and for pointing out what you see taking place in our community. It means so very much to hear from you.

      Thanks you!


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