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Songs for Easter Season, 2015

Squeezebox is a place for our Song Leaders, as well as congregants, to learn the songs we sing at St. Lydia’s. 


Song Leaders and singers, here’s the place to find and practice ALL the music we’ll be singing during the season of Easter in 2015!  Bookmark this page so that you can check in often to listen to the pieces and practice.


Easter Season

April 12-May 18


Gathering Song: “Kiev Alleluia,” Kovalyevsky Kiev Chant or “Mxadana Alleluia

Candle Lighting Song: “The Lord is My Light,” Lillian Bouknight

Eucharistic Prayer Setting: “Festive Table Acclamation,” Paul Vasile

Prayer Song: Song Leader’s Choice.  A selection of songs may be found here. And Paul Vasile has made a recording for us of “Come, Bring Your Burdens to God,” which is another great choice for the prayer song.

Gathering Song at the Offering: Zimbabwe Alleluia, (to come)

Closing Hymn: “Now the Green Blade Rises,” French Carol (April 12-May 27) or “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” (May 3-18)



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