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Songs for Fall “This Is My Body” Series

Squeezebox is a place for our Song Leaders, as well as congregants, to learn the songs we sing at St. Lydia’s.  


This Fall we’ll be talking about sexuality, gender, identity, and faith, and we’ll be singing songs to support and expand that conversation.  More to come, but here’s enough to get you started!


Gathering Song

Christ is Our Mirror,” Mark Howe

This is a new one, a little tricky. In Paul’s example above, he is teaching the soprano and bass line found in this sheet music. Notice how the tune is in three (count, 1-2-3 1-2-3) but the soprano line has two duplets, which means that they feel those notes in two.

The words, in case you can’t quite catch them in the video, are “Christ is our mirror, open your eyes and gaze. See your face in Christ.”


Candle Lighting Song

Lead Me, Guide Me,” Doris Akers


Christ is Our Guiding Light,” Eric Law



The Vasile Advent Table Acclamation.  This one is all kinds of bluesy, and Paul wrote it just for us!


Prayer Song

Song Leader’s choice, options are here


Offering Song

We’ll keep singing, “Know That God Is Good.”  There’s a new song on the way from Paul!


Final Hymn

September: I Come With Joy, music here!

October: For the Fruit of All Creation, to come!


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