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Songs We Sing — “Creator of the Stars of Night”

Hello, Song Leaders!

“Creator of the Stars of Night” is a centuries old hymn we’ll be singing as a lamp lighting song during Advent.

We’ll be singing it in unison using call and echo.

You have two options.

Method #1:

This is the simplest approach.  You, the song leader, sing a line and invite the congregation to echo it back.

Song Leader: Creator of the stars of night,
Congregation: Creator of the stars of night,
Song Leader: Your people’s everlasting light
Congregation: Your people’s everlasting light

Method #2:

You could teach the congregation how to sing the entire first verse.

Creator of the stars of night,
your people’s everlasting light,
O Christ, Redeemer of us all,
we pray you hear us when we call.

Then, you sing verse two, solo, cuing them to repeat the first verse as you finish.  You continue this alternation between you as soloist, singing through the other verses, and the congregation refraining with verse one.

To give you a sense of the melody, listen to this recording, which is performed in Latin.

And here is the sheet music.  Creator of the Stars of Night

It’s a beautiful and meditative hymn, and one of the rare chances we get to sing plainchant together.



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