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Jyothi Dho Prabhu (Give Us Light)

This beautiful tune from India may be sung in both Hindi and English.

You can listen to a simple recording by John Bell and Alison Adam. This version is quite slow, and has a higher part in the middle that we will not sing at St. Lydia’s.

Sheet music of the tune with the text may be found here.

Text you can use:

Jyothi Dho, jyothi dho, jyothi dho prabhu. (Be sure to tell people that these words are Hindi and mean “give us light.”

Give us light, give us light, give us light O Lord.

Give us peace, give us peace, give us peace O Lord.

Save us now, save us now, save us now O Lord.

Give us life, give us life, give us life O Lord.

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