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Songs for Epiphany, 2016

Learn the music we’ll be singing in the season of Epiphany, which takes us from just after Christmas to the beginning of Lent on March 1 and is a season about God’s light found in all the ordinary places. 


Gathering Song
Arise, Shine
Jyothi Dho Prabhu
Candle Lighting Song
The Light of Christ Has Come Into the World 
Illuminate Me, Anne Krentz Organ
feel free to lead just the first part of this song, or you can add the second part (“O God give me light” for more challenge)
Table Acclamation
Shelton Table Acclamation
Prayer Song
Song Leader’s Choice
Final Hymn
Be Thou My Vision, recording here (just wait for the part when the drums come in guys!!), or here (violin and harp by girls with braids in a field!!) sheet music here (scroll down)
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise, recording here (hey there big organ!) sheet music here (scroll down!)

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