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Shukuru Yesu / Thanking You, Jesus

Shukuru Yesu (shoo-koo-roo yay-soo) means “Thanks, Jesus” in Yoruba Arabic, which is spoken in Sudan. We’ll also use the English translation “thanking you Jesus,” to fit the melody.

Listen to a snippet by Worship Chorus, Sudan here

Listen to a full teaching recording here!

Our congregant Alan noticed it also works in Mandarin: phonetically, shay shay nee Yesu. Feel free to translate it into any language you feel called to lead in! Once the song gets going, use the song leader’s “call” part to invite a new language for the next repetition.

As you lead this piece, the first three phrases will be picked up naturally by the congregation. Then a large, encouraging gesture into the longer fourth phrase will help everyone sing that part with confidence.

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