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Music for Advent 2019

Hello song leaders and hello everyone! Here’s the music we’ll be singing this Advent season. We observe a 7-week Advent at St. Lydia’s, which includes the services from Nov 10 to Dec 23.

Click the linked song titles to hear the recordings to learn the songs.

1) Gathering Song

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (pick one verse – taught by call and echo)


Come O Lord and Set Us Free


2) Candle Lighting Song

Evening Lamps Are Lit


God Came Down


3) Table Acclamation

Advent Table Acclamation


4) Prayer Song

During Advent, we’ll include Come O Lord and Set Us Free on the list of regular choices.


5) Offering Song

Laudate Dominum (Sing, Praise, and Bless the Lord)


Amen, Siakudumisa (Amen, We Praise Your Name O God)


6) Final Hymn

People Look East



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