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Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading

The Swahili gathering hymn “Njoo Kwetu, Roho Mwema” was written by Tanzanian pastor Wilson Niwagila. It was translated into the English version, “Holy Spirit, Heed Our Pleeding,” by Howard S. Olson.

Though it has five verses, we sing only the first, alternating between English and Swahili.

Holy Spirit, heed our pleading
Fashion us all anew
It’s your leading that we’re needing
Help us to follow you
Come, come, come, Holy Spirit, come.
Come, come, come, Holy Spirit, come.

Here’s the original Swahili version, which is not only fun to sing but also vital, because it helps us remember the song’s Tanzanian origins.

Njoo Kwetu, roho mwema
Mfariji wetu
Tufundishe ya mbinguni
Tuwe watu wapya
Njoo, njoo, njoo roho mwema
Njoo, njoo, njoo roho mwema

We’ll sing it at an upbeat tempo, something like this.

The sheet music is here.

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