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Interview with Emily in NY Spirit

Emily recently did this interview with Bianca Swift for Issue 168 of NY Spirit magazine.   A Visit with Emily Scott, St. Lydia’s Pastoral Minister A new kind of Christian worship is on the scene in New York. This one doesn’t take place on Sunday mornings in a church, but instead sitting around a dinner […]

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Some Mid-Lenten Observations

Rachel Pollak is the Community Coordinator at St. Lydia’s.  This is an excerpt from her weekly update to the community. Dear Lydians, I’m sure some of you saw this poem in our city’s favorite self-titled magazine this week.  But for those of you who didn’t, I feel moved to share it with you. *  * […]

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Bread Baking and Spiritual Practice Workshop

March 18, 3:30 pm St. Lydia’s Dinner Church 505 Carroll Street Join us for a workshop on baking bread and spiritual practice. Clare Sullivan will teach us to make bread using a homemade natural starter, and Brother Max Kolbe of Little Portion Friary will speak about Lenten observance and his experience baking bread as a spiritual […]

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Texts for our Governance Think Thank Meeting

Here are some texts to check out for our next Governance Think Tank Meeting on February 28.  We’ll be talking about St. Lydia’s mission. Excerpts from “The Purpose Driven Church” Foundational Texts for St. Lydia’s 

Put a nametag on it!

Dear Lydians,I’m sure a lot of you have been seeing all the media coverage on the new season of Portlandia. And I’m sure that if you have watched any of the clips or episodes, two things have occured to you. Number one: Portlandia could just as easily be called Brooklandia. And number two: our goal […]

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Lydians Decide! Our Governance System Process

Dear Lydians, I’m writing today to outline the process we’ll be using to develop the governance system for our community.  But before I go one step further, I want to stop for a moment, and, as is our practice, notice a few things. At the end of July, we said farewell to Pastor Phil and […]

Message from Heather about Bread of Life

Heather Young is a congregant at St. Lydia’s. She has this message for us about adopting a family this Christmas. Last year, I was pleased to coordinate an effort from St. Lydia’s to purchase a Christmas dinner (and a few gifts) for a needy family through St. John’s Bread and Life (www.breadandlife.org/). Bread and Life serves about 2,000 […]

Letter from Emily: Pitching Our Tent

We will have a place to gather each Sunday night. We are surrounded by people who love and support us. We will keep being the church. And though this time may not look like what you or I might have imagined, it offers us incredible opportunity to be bold and creative in the midst of all that’s unfolding. Let’s sit in the not-knowing and see what God is up to.

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A letter from Paul to the Lydians

Paul Thorson is a congregant in the St. Lydia’s community.  This summer he moved to Minneapolis, MN to pursue ordination in the ELCA.  He periodically sends us letters to update us on his progress and whereabouts; this epistle came to us by email on July 24, 2011. Greetings to all of you! I am biting […]

Letter from Emily: A Church Grows in Brooklyn

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. -2 Timothy 1:7 Dear Lydians, Here we are in the middle.  That beautiful and terrifying place where we are at our most open to all that God is unearthing in us.  St. Lydia’s moving […]

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