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“Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”

“Jesus Christ Is Risen Today” is a centuries old Easter and Eastertide hymn. We’ve updated the lyrics, which are reflected on this version of the sheet music. And if you’d like to practice along, here’s a nice recording.

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When Jesus Wept

“When Jesus Wept,” a 1700s musical canon in four parts by William Billings, is a piece that has been sung many years on Good Friday at St Lydia’s. You can view the sheet music here. In 2021, due to the continued Covid-19 pandemic, a remote-recorded canon was assembled by Jacob Slichter, Christian Scharen, and Angela […]

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Pave the Way with Branches (Jesus Is Coming)

“Pave the Way with Branches” is a song by Bret Hesla. As the title suggests, it evokes the Palm Sunday procession. The music can be heard here. And here are the lyrics: Verse 1 (2x) Jesus is coming. Pave the way with branches. Jesus is coming. Hosannah. Chorus (2x) Hosannah. Jesus is coming. Hosannah to […]

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Music for Lent 2021

Dear Song Leaders and Voices of the People, Here are our musical selections for Lent: Gathering Song: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord“ Kyrie for Confession: John Bell Kyrie Candle Lighting Song: “I Am Here in the Heart of God” Table Acclamation: “Lent Table Acclamation“ Cleanup/Offering song: “What We Need Is Here“ Final Hymn: […]

What We Need Is Here

This is a beautiful and simple song written by Amy McCreath. (The words are taken from the final line of Wendell Berry’s poem, “The Wild Geese.”) Note that the song is two phrases long. What we need is here.What we need is here. The line melodies are nearly identical, but the second line ends on […]

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John Bell Kyrie

A Kyrie Eleison, which means, “Lord, Have Mercy.”  This Kyrie is written by the Scottish minister and composer John Bell.  Remember to teach the words . . . Kyrie eleisonChriste eleisonKyrie eleison and provide the English translation . . . Lord have mercyChrist have mercyLord have mercy You can hear a recording of it here.

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Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

Here’s Debbie Holloway’s beautiful setting of “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord,” a song from the musical Godspell.

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Music for Christmastide & Epiphany 2020-2021

Most excellent song leaders and voices of the people, here is the musical menu for our next liturgical seasons: Gathering song Christmastide — January 11 “What Child Is This” — (We have no Lydian recording of this, but you can familiarize/reaquaint yourself with it here.  We’ll use sheet music, which is here.) Epiphany Season Arise Shine Candle […]

Music for Advent 2020

Dear Song Leaders, Here is the music we’ll be singing this Advent Gathering Song November: Come O Lord and Set Us Free December: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Candle Lighting Song: Holding Silence Table Acclamation: Advent Table Acclamation Offering Song: The Mighty Will Fall Final Hymn: Canticle of the Turning  (And the sheet music is here.)

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Music for Fall 2020

Most beautiful song leaders, This fall, as our scriptures and preaching explore right relationship with ourselves, each other, money, the world around us, and God, we’ll be singing songs that resonate with that theme. Our menu of music includes: Gathering song: Lament for Zion (by our own Debbie Holloway) Candle Lighting song: Lead Me, Guide […]

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