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Letter from Emily: Nuts and Bolts

Dear Lydians, It’s time to start talking about nuts and bolts — the reality of what it might look like to affiliate with the ELCA!  We’ve had tons of conversation about what denominations are, how we’re linked to the wider church, and why the ELCA might be a good match for us.  Now it’s time […]

Sermon: Ephesians 3:14-21

Read Emily’s latest sermon, “Not About Playing Nice” on her blog, Sit and Eat.  The sermon was preached on October 24 as the last installment in our series on St. Lydia’s relationship to the wider Church.

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Traditions and Denominations

Jeremy Sierra is a MFA student and lives in New York.  A congregant at St. Lydia’s, he blogs here under the category Jeremiah Speaking. Recently, I have been having something of a denominational crisis.  My father is an Episcopal priest.  I own at least five versions of the Book of Common Prayer, and I took […]

Relationship to the Wider Church: a Conversation

During the month of October, our congregation has had an opportunity to explore what it might look like for St. Lydia’s to be in relationship with the wider church.  We’re already in relationship with our local host congregation, Trinity Lower East Side.  What would it look like to extend that relationship to the Metro New […]

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Why the ELCA?

During the month of October, the congregation at St. Lydia’s has been taking part in a conversation discerning how we might be in relationship with the wider Church.  We are already in relationship with Trinity Lower East Side, our host congregation, and through them, to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  But what would […]

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Sermon: Ephesians 2:11-21

Read Emily’s sermon, “The Church is Not a Country Club,” preached on October 10, 2010, at hear blog, Sit and Eat.

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Sermon: Ephesians 4

Read Emily’s sermon, “A Pretty Good Little Church,” preached on September 26, at her blog, Sit and Eat.

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Letter from Emily: Ties to the Wider Church

Dear Lydians, Last night I made my way to Penn Station and jumped on the train to Philadelphia, a pattern that will become a familiar part of my routine as I begin completing my “Lutheran Year” at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  Completing eight courses at a Lutheran Seminary is one of my requirements as a candidate for […]

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