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Our Co-Working Space was featured in The Wall Street Journal!

Working side by side, in the midst of community.
A shared office space for freelancers in Gowanus, Brooklyn

We’ve created a place where anyone who would normally work from home or a coffee shop can work alongside one another in a quiet, focused, communal environment in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

This is a space for anyone, of any or no faith, looking for a more spiritually connected way to live and work.

Why work here instead of at home?

A Beautiful, Quiet Space

We've got a comfortable, light-filled workspace with a nice big kitchen, lots of outlets and really good wifi, perfect for being very productive.

Better Than a Coffee Shop

When you work at a coffee shop, you have to take your stuff with you every time you run out for an errand. The Wi-Fi is spotty, and you have to keep buying coffee! As a co-worker, you can leave your stuff here when you run out, trust that the Wi-Fi will always be running, print and photocopy, and make your own coffee (for free!) whenever you want. Plus, you’re connecting each day to a group of motivated co-workers.

Spiritually Grounded and Connected

As we grow, we’re building a networked community of freelancers with opportunities for afternoon yoga breaks, silent meditation, workshops for sharing ideas, CSA pickups, and whatever else you can think of!

Free coffee, tea, and lunch

Working at a Dinner Church means the fridge tends to be packed with leftovers from services the night before that are up for grabs. We offer free coffee and tea, and a big kitchen where you can make your lunch. On Wednesdays, who ever wants to shares a yummy meal provided by St. Lydia's.

It's Close to Everything

We’re located in Gowanus, close to restaurants in Carroll Gardens, and adjacent to Park Slope. There’s plenty of restaurants nearby. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, and we're a short walk from the Union stop on the R and the Carroll stop on the F/G.

Some of the Cheapest Co-working in Brooklyn

We’ve done our best to make co-working accessible to the widest range of income levels possible.

We’re flexible

You can split up the hours on your membership any way you like. Work an afternoon and a morning, or shift your hours around if you go out of town. It’s all honor system. We trust you.

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Part Time Co-worker
8 hrs a week for $80 per month

Half Time Co-worker
20 hrs a week for $160 per month

Full Time Co-worker
40 hrs a week for $240 per month

5 visits for $130


to set up a one day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be churchy, Christian, or involved with St. Lydia’s to be a co-worker?

No! Co-working at St. Lydia’s is for those of any or no faith. You don’t have to be religious, or even spiritual to work here. We like being a place where all sorts of people cross paths.

Are you secretly trying to convert me?

No. That would be weird and creepy and we would never do that. Also, trying to convert people is not our idea of what a church should be up to. Our goal is to create an open, communal space where folks can work together.

Can I have a full time desk at St. Lydia’s, where I keep all my stuff?

Sadly, no. Our co-working space is a day-time space, where you can come to work during the day, bringing what you need with you. We don’t offer offices, cubicles, or full time desks. However, if you have a need to store a limited amount of stuff, we can add a storage basket or bin to your plan.

Is there a photocopier and printer I can use?

Yes! You’re welcome to make use of ours.

Can I make phone calls or have colleagues come by for conversations?

Sure. We ask for co-workers to simply keep their voice low when they’re on the phone. And you’re welcome to have colleagues come by to work with you on a limited basis. If they’ll be here often, you might consider a part time membership for them.

How does access to the space work?

You’ll be given access to the space via a smartphone app. One of the ways we keep the space cheap is by not having a receptionist, so you’re free to come and go as you please between 8am and 6.30pm. Evening events at St. Lydia’s may begin set up at 6pm or so, and co-workers are invited to stay in the space until 6:30pm.

Do you rent your space?

Yes, check out our Rent page, or contact our Rentals Manager for more information. We also partner with selected not-for-profits and arts organizations.

Co-working at St. Lydia's