You’re looking for an experience of the holy.

One that is strong enough to lean on, deep enough to question, and challenging enough to change you. If you’re not sure what you believe, rest assured that neither are we. We place practice before belief, trusting that eating, praying and singing together moves us deeper into faith. Instead of trying to figure out what we believe, we’re trying to live what we practice.


Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen, Interim Pastor

Christian Scharen, a longtime friend of St. Lydia's, is Vice President of Applied Research and leads of the Center for the Study of Theological Education at Auburn. His main research and writing interests center on practical theology and theological education, with a particular interest in what strengthens leaders of faith and moral courage in facing the challenges of justice, peace, and equity the 21st century. A leading scholar working at the intersection of social science and theology, he lectures and writes in the areas of innovation and change in theological education and social change leadership of faith communities today. Scharen is Co-Director of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, an ongoing longitudinal, ecumenical, national study of learning ministry in practice. He loves and writes extensively about faith and pop music, including U2, Leonard Cohen, Billie Holiday, Arcade Fire, and The Roots, the subject of his next book, Somebody’s Got To Care (Cascade 2019). Prior to joining Auburn, Scharen was Assistant Professor of Worship and Theology and Director of Contextual Education at Luther Seminary in St. Paul MN. He has also served as Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and Assistant Professor of Congregational Studies and Practical Theology (Adjunct) at Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT (2004-2008). The author of many books and articles, he received the Ph.D. in Religion from Emory University (2001). In his spare time, he listens to (live) music, especially jazz, writes poetry, bakes pies, and spends time walking along the sea shore. He has two beautiful college-age children, Isaiah and Finn.

Leadership Table

St. Lydia’s is guided by a Leadership Table which, directed by the Holy Spirit, reads the spiritual compass of the community, measures the bearings of all that has come before, and takes soundings of what lies beneath. Currently, our Table Leaders are:

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