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You’re looking for an experience of the holy.

One that is strong enough to lean on, deep enough to question, and challenging enough to change you. If you’re not sure what you believe, rest assured that neither are we. We place practice before belief, trusting that eating, praying and singing together moves us deeper into faith. Instead of trying to figure out what we believe, we’re trying to live what we practice.

During this season with in-person services suspended, the St. Lydia's communtiy has learned much. Here are some thoughts written by Naomi Brenman, St. Lydia's community coordinator: St. Lydia's on Zoom.


Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen, Interim Pastor

A practical theologian and current interim pastor at St. Lydia’s Dinner Church in Brooklyn, New York, Scharen was ordained a pastor in the ELCA in 2001. He holds the PhD in religion from Emory University and has written or edited more that a dozen books and many articles, book chapters, and research reports on religious organizations, religion and culture, social justice, and theological education. His early work on theological ethnography helped spark an international movement bringing together sociology and theology in the study of the church. He is currently completing a volume on the Roots (of Tonight Show fame) and hip-hop as a prophetic art form, and a decolonial theological memoir about his family, the Ingalls family of The Little House on the Prairie series. He enjoys cooking, poetry, and music, especially learning to play on his grandfather’s 1910 Washburn bowl back mandolin. He has two adult children, Isaiah and Finn, and a bulldog named Walt.

Leadership Table

St. Lydia’s is guided by a Leadership Table which, directed by the Holy Spirit, reads the spiritual compass of the community, measures the bearings of all that has come before, and takes soundings of what lies beneath. Currently, our Table Leaders are:

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