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Sermons for Lent and Holy Week, 2021

Lent 2 Here are two different sermons from Rick Fabian. The first is his sermon of 2/28/21. The second is his sermon of 3/01/21.The text for both sermons is Luke 4:1-13. Lent 4Here is Jack Holloway’s sermon of 3/15/2021.The text is Luke 6:6-16. Lent 5Here is Bob Wollenburg’s sermon of 3/21/2021.The text is Luke 11:1-13. […]

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Sermons for Epiphany 2, 3, 4, 5 and Transfiguration, 2021

Epiphany 2Here is Christian’s sermon of 1/17/2021.The text is John 1:43-51. Epiphany 3Here is Christian’s sermon of 1/24/2021.The text is Mark 1:14-20. Epiphany 4Here is Christian’s sermon of 2/01/2021.The text is Mark 1:21-28. Epiphany 5Here is Christian’s sermon of 2/07/2021.The text is Mark 1:29-39. TransfigurationHere is Christian’s sermon of 2/14/2021.The text is Mark 9:2-10. The […]

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Season of Advent 2020 – All the Sermons!

11/2- Christian (10:55); 11/9 (13:26); 11/16 -Suzanne (18:43); 11/23 – Debbie (17:26); 11/30 – Heidi (15:27); 12/6 – Suzanne (14:54); 12/13 – Christian (11:22)

Season of Challenge 2020 – Five Sermons!

Sermons from Tasia Ahuja Smith (11:19) and Tracey Pinkard (22:34) on right relationship with neighborhood and country; Sermon from David Parsons (15:34) on right relationship with church; Sermons from Andie Corso (19:33) and Jack Holloway (23:34) on right relationship with future generations!

Season of Challenge- Amelia’s Sermon – Right Relationship with Animals and Nature – 10/5/2020

Season of Challenge – Jake’s Sermon – Right Relationship with Animals and Nature – 10/4/20

Season of Challenge – Christian – Right Relationship with Money – 9/28/20

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Season of Challenge: Christian – 9/21

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Season of Challenge-Hallie 9/20/20

Season of Challenge 2020 – September 14 – Pierrette Comulada: Song of Solomon