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Songs for Summer 2023

The music menu for summer is here! Gathering Song: Come, Come, Whoever You Are Candle Lighting Song: Evening Lamps are Lit Table Acclamation: Shelton Acclamation (not to be confused with the similar sounding “Summer Table Acclamation”) Prayer Song:  Build a Shelter / Let It Rest, Down to the River to Pray, or any of these […]

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Songs for Fall 2023

Dear Songleaders, Here are the songs will be using for dinner church for the new liturgical season!

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Songs for Eastertide 2023

Dear Song Leaders, Here is the music we’ll be singing during Eastertide!

Songs for Fall 2021

Dear Song Leaders, Behold, the songs for fall of 2021! Gathering Song: September 12 through October 4  “Till The Moon Is No More” October 10-November 1 “Like the Willow Weeping” Candle-Lighting Song: “The Journey of a Thousand Miles” Table Acclamation: Fall Table Acclamation (Shelton)” Offering Song: “Amen” Final Hymn: September:“God Calls You Good” October:“I Met […]

St. Lydia’s on Zoom

By Naomi Brenman, St. Lydia’s coordinator In March, when St. Lydia’s began doing church on Zoom, there was a lot to figure out. And so, the community adapted quickly and learned a little more every week about how to be St. Lydia’s on Zoom. Originally, the virtual script was almost identical to the script used […]

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Music for Lent 2021

Dear Song Leaders and Voices of the People, Here are our musical selections for Lent: Gathering Song: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord“ Kyrie for Confession: John Bell Kyrie Candle Lighting Song: “I Am Here in the Heart of God” Table Acclamation: “Lent Table Acclamation“ Cleanup/Offering song: “What We Need Is Here“ Final Hymn: […]

Music for Christmastide & Epiphany 2020-2021

Most excellent song leaders and voices of the people, here is the musical menu for our next liturgical seasons: Gathering song Christmastide — January 11 “What Child Is This” — (We have no Lydian recording of this, but you can familiarize/reaquaint yourself with it here.  We’ll use sheet music, which is here.) Epiphany Season Arise Shine Candle […]

2020 Season of Identity Sermons – August 10, 31 and September 6

Three recorded sermons from the Season of Identity: August 10, 2020 – Matthew 14:22-33 August 31, 2020 – Exodus 3:1-15 September 6, 2020 – Exodus 25:4 Enjoy!

A Virtual Shruti Box

Dear Lydians, While worshipping online, I’ve been missing the shruti box. So I made a virtual version you can download and play as we sing our blessings for the bread and, later in the service, for the wine. The shruti box silver setting will work for the summer of 2020. I may upload new settings […]

Trinity Sunday 2020: Matthew 28: 16-20 – Christian