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Music for Christmastide & Epiphany 2020-2021

Most excellent song leaders and voices of the people, here is the musical menu for our next liturgical seasons:

Gathering song

Christmastide — January 11

“What Child Is This” — (We have no Lydian recording of this, but you can familiarize/reaquaint yourself with it here.  We’ll use sheet music, which is here.)

Epiphany Season

Arise Shine

Candle Lighting song

The Light of Christ Has Come Into the World

Table Acclamation

The Shelton Acclamation

Prayer Song

Christmastide – January 11

Day of Light, Day of Birth

Epiphany Season


Offering Song

Christmastide – January 11th

The Gloria refrain from “Angels We Have Heard on High”


Mxadana Alleluia

Final Hymn

Christmastide — January 11

Lo, How a Rose E’re Blooming
(Sheet music, here)

Epiphany Season

Be Thou My Vision (here’s a Youtube rendition)
The sheet music is here.

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