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Receive, O Earth

“Receive O Earth” by Daniel Schwandt is a piece intended for a funeral which we may use at St Lydia’s as a piece during Lent or on All Saints Day. Click here to listen to the teaching recording (bonus points for those whose ears pick up Emily’s cat meowing in the background) and here for the sheet music. [...]

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Shukuru Yesu / Thanking You, Jesus

Shukuru Yesu (shoo-koo-roo yay-soo) means “Thanks, Jesus” in Yoruba Arabic, which is spoken in Sudan. We’ll also use the English translation “thanking you Jesus,” to fit the melody. Listen to a snippet by Worship Chorus, Sudan here Listen to a full teaching recording here! Our congregant Alan noticed it also works in Mandarin: phonetically, shay [...]

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Songs For Fall 2017

Hello songleaders and hello everyone! Here is the music we’ll be singing this fall season (Sept 10 – Oct 23). Click the linked song titles to hear the recording! 1) Gathering Song Freedom Come -or- Lament for Zion 2) Candle Lighting Song Lead Me, Guide Me 3) Table Acclamation Fall Table Acclamation, by Meave Shelton [...]

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Prayer Song: “Don’t Be Afraid”

This gentle piece by John Bell of the Iona community in Scotland is a new addition to our prayer song collection. It could also be used as a candle-lighting song (processional). Feel the pulse of the song, and then notice how the first note of the melody starts just after the first beat – in [...]

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Songs for Pentecost and Summer 2017

Hello songleaders and hello everyone! Here is the music we’ll be singing from Pentecost (June 4) through to the fall. We’ll switch some songs up from time to time, so check the date spans on the list below to make sure you learn the relevant music for the service you’re leading. Click the linked song [...]

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Songs for Easter Season, 2017

This is a place for our Song Leaders, as well as congregants, to learn the songs we sing at St. Lydia’s.    Song Leaders and singers, here’s the place to find and practice ALL the music we’ll be singing during the season of Easter in 2017!  Bookmark this page so that you can check in [...]

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Songs For Lent, 2017

It is Lent! The time when we wander in the wilderness together, and find still quiet spaces to listen for the voice of God. Everything gets a little more spare, our music included.   Gathering Song A Kyrie Eleison, which means, “Lord, Have Mercy.” This Kyrie is from the Iona Community in Scotland.   John [...]

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Songs for Epiphany, 2016

Learn the music we’ll be singing in the season of Epiphany, which takes us from just after Christmas to the beginning of Lent on March 1 and is a season about God’s light found in all the ordinary places.    Gathering Song Arise, Shine -or- Jyothi Dho Prabhu Candle Lighting Song The Light of Christ [...]

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Jyothi Dho Prabhu (Give Us Light)

This beautiful tune from India may be sung in both Hindi and English.   Here is an orchestrated version by Charles Vas. There is a short introduction with lower voices, then the higher voices come in in the melody. You can listen to a simple recording by John Bell and Alison Adam. This version is quite slow, [...]

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Music for Advent 2016

Dear Song Leaders, Saint Lydia’s celebrates a lengthened Advent season that begins on Sunday, November 6.  Here is the music we’ll be singing during that time. Gathering hymn: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” Lamp Lighting hymn: “Creator of the Stars of Night” Table Acclamation: “Vasile Advent Table Acclamation” Prayer Songs: (The usual choices) Post-Cleanup Gathering [...]

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