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“Honor the Dark”

“Honor the Dark” is a beautiful song in 4 parts, written and performed by Lea Morris. It’s a wonderful piece for advent and wintertime, featuring loving lyrics which embrace the warmth and power of darkness:

1. Honor the dark, honor the dark

2. Honor the darkness, honor the darkness

3. Honor the dark
As you do the light
Receive the gifts that come to us by day and by night
I choose to honor the dark
Uncertainty and change
Deliver us from fear 
Until only love remains

4. As the butterfly slips free from her dark cocoon
As the evening sky reveals the light of the moon
Sometimes, fear surrounds us
Sometimes, there will be pain
Let the darkness heal you until only love remains 

To hear how the four parts layer on top of each other, listen to this video on Lea’s youtube channel. Community coordinator Debbie Holloway has also created two supplemental recordings:

a teaching track, which offers suggestions on how to teach the song to a group,

and . . .

a short recording of all 4 parts sung separately, one after the other.

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