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Sermons from the second half of 2020

Here are audio recordings of sermons from the second half of 2020


Christian’s sermon of 12-27-20 on Luke 2:22-40

Christian’s sermon of 12-13-20 on Isaiah 49:8-15

Suzanne Campise’s sermon of 12-06-20 on Luke 1:46-56

Heidi Wexler’s sermon of 11-30-20 on 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Debbie Holloway’s sermon of 11-23-20 on Luke 1:39-45

Suzanne Campise’s sermon of 11-16-20 on Judges 5:1, 12-27

Christian’s sermon of 11-9-20 on Luke 1:26-38

Christian’s sermon of 11-2-20 on Matthew 5:1-12


Andie Corso’s sermon of 10-25-20 on Jeremiah 31:15-22

Tasia Ahuja Smith’s sermon of 10-11-20 on Genesis 33:1-17

Amelia Schonbek’s sermon of 10-05-20 on Genesis 1

Jacob Slichter’s sermon of 10-04-20 on Genesis 1

Christian’s sermon of 09-28-20 on Deuteronomy 15:1-11

Hallie Stotler’s sermon of 9-20-20 on Exodus 16:1-18

Liz Edman’s sermon of 9-13-20 on Song of Solomon 1:1-5


Christian’s sermon of 9-6-20 on Exodus 25:4

Christian’s sermon of 8-31-20 on Exodus 3:1-15

Mark Gilman’s sermon of 8-23-20 on Psalm 124

Linda Mandracchia’s sermon of 8-17-20 on Matthew 15:10-28

Christian’s sermon of 8-09-20 on Matthew 14:22-33

Christian’s sermon of 8-3-20 on Matthew 14:13-21

Christian’s sermon of 7-26-20 on Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Hannah Johnston’s sermon of 7-20-20 on Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Christian’s sermon of 7-12 20 on Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Christian’s sermon of 7-5-20 on Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30

Christian’s sermon of 6-20-20 on Matthew 10:24-39 ?????????

Christian’s sermon of 6-14-20 on Matthew 9:35 – 10:8

Christian’s sermon of 6-7-20 on Matthew 28:16-20

Christian’ sermon of 6-1-20 on John 7:37-39


Phil Fox Rose’s sermon of 5-25-21 on John 17:1-11

Debbie Holloway’s sermon of 5-24-20 on John 17:1-11

Kirstin Swanson’s sermon of 5-17-20 on John 14:15-21

Christian’s sermon of 5-11-20 on John 14:1-14

Hannah Soldner’s sermon of 5-10-20 on John 14:1-14

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Sermons from first half of 2021

Here are audio recordings of sermons from the first half of 2021.


Christian’s sermon of 5-24-21 on Acts 2:1-21

Christian’s sermon of 5-17-21 on Acts 1:15-26

Christian’s sermon of 5-09-21 on Acts 10:44-48

Christian’s sermon of 5-03-21 on Acts 8:26-40

Christian’s sermon of 4-26-21 on Acts 4:5-12

Christian’s sermon of 4-19-21 on Acts 3:12-19

Christian’s sermon of 4-12-21 on Acts 4:32-35


Christian’s EASTER VIGIL sermon of 4-03-21 on Luke 24:1-12

Burke Gerstenschlager’s Maundy Thursday sermon of 4-01-21 on Luke 22:1-62

Liz Edman’s Palm Sunday sermon of 3-29-21 on Mark 11:1-11


Bob Wollenburg’s sermon of 3-21-21 on Luke 11:1-13

Jack Holloway’s sermon of 3-14-21 on Luke 6:6-16

Rick Fabian’s sermon of 3-01-21, his SECOND (different from the first) sermon on Luke 4:1-13

Rick Fabian’s sermon of 2-28-21, his FIRST sermon on Luke 4:1-13

Christian’s sermon of 2-14-21 on Mark 9:2-10

Christian’s sermon of 2-07-21 on Mark 1:29-39

Christian’s sermon of 2-01-21 on Mark 1:21-28

Christian’s sermon of 1-24-21 on Mark 1:14-20

Christian’s sermon of 1-17-21 on John 1:43-51

Bishop Paul Egensteiner’s sermon of 1-11-21 on Mark 4:1-11

Christian’s sermon of 1-10-21 on Mark 1:4-11

CHRISTMASTIDE (to be continued in another post)

Christian’s sermon of 1-6-21 on Isaiah 60:1-6 and Matthew 2:1-12

Christian’s sermon of 1-3-21 on Sirach 24:1-12

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Sermons from Summer of 2021

Here are audio recordings of sermons from the summer of 2021!

Christian’s sermon of 06-07-21 on Mark 3:20-35

Christian’s sermon of 06-14-21 on Mark 4:26-34

Christian’s sermon of 6-21-21 on Mark 4:35-41

Christine Geeding’s sermon of 7-05-21 on Mark 6:1-13

Linda Mandracchia’s sermon of 7-12-21 on Mark 6:14-29

Christian’s sermon of 7-26-21 on John 6:1-21

Christian’s sermon of 8-02-21 on Acts 16:6-40

Christine Geeding’s sermon of 8-8-21 on John 6:35, 41-51

Mark Gilman’s sermon of 8-16-21 on John 6:51-58

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Fall 2021 Sermon Series — Queer Church and Queer Christianity

We will upload audio recordings of sermons from the Fall 2021 Sermon series on Queer Church and Queer Christianity here.

Christian and Liz’s joint sermon from 9-13-21 on Galatians 1:1-10.

Heidi’s sermon of 9-20-21 on Galatians 1:11-24.

Billy McEntee’s sermon of 9-27-21 on Galatians 1:11-23.

Hannah Soldner’s sermon of 10-04-21 on Galatians 2:11-20.

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Songs for Fall 2021

Dear Song Leaders,

Behold, the songs for fall of 2021!

Gathering Song:

September 12 through October 4 
“Till The Moon Is No More”

October 10-November 1
“Like the Willow Weeping”

Candle-Lighting Song:

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles”

Table Acclamation:

Fall Table Acclamation (Shelton)”

Offering Song:


Final Hymn:

“God Calls You Good”

“I Met A Stranger On The Road”

“I Met A Stranger on the Road”

“I Met A Stranger on the Road” is a hymn with words by David Bjorlin, set to a traditional Scottish tune and arranged by John Bell.

You can hear a recording of it here.

The sheet music is here.

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“God Calls You Good”

“God Calls You Good” is a beautiful hymn by our wonderful friend and teacher, Paul Vasile. Our own Angela Morris has arranged a version of it for use at Saint Lydia’s (where we don’t have a piano but have voices with which to add harmony).

It’s included in Songs for the Holy Other: Hymns Affirming LGBTQIA2S+ Community.

You can hear a recording of the original version here, (and here, for those interested, is the original sheet music).

Here’s a recording of Angela’s version for voices only, which is what we’ll be using, and here is the sheet music.

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“Like The Weeping Willow”

“Like the Weeping Willow” is a hymn from Songs for the Holy Other: Hymns Affirming LGBTQIA2S+ Community. It’s a traditional tune, with words by Amy Sens.

We don’t yet have a link to a recording, but the sheet music can be found here.

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Sermons for Lent and Holy Week, 2021

Lent 2
Here are two different sermons from Rick Fabian.
The first is his sermon of 2/28/21.
The second is his sermon of 3/01/21.
The text for both sermons is Luke 4:1-13.

Lent 4
Here is Jack Holloway’s sermon of 3/15/2021.
The text is Luke 6:6-16.

Lent 5
Here is Bob Wollenburg’s sermon of 3/21/2021.
The text is Luke 11:1-13.

Palm Sunday
Here is Liz Edman’s sermon of 3/29/2021.
The text is Mark 11:1-11.

Maundy Thursday
Here is Burke Gerstenschlager’s sermon of 4/01/2021.
The text is Luke 22:1-62.

Easter Vigil
Here is Christian’s sermon of 4/03/2021.
The text is Luke 24:1-12.

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Sermons for Epiphany 2, 3, 4, 5 and Transfiguration, 2021

Epiphany 2
Here is Christian’s sermon of 1/17/2021.
The text is John 1:43-51.

Epiphany 3
Here is Christian’s sermon of 1/24/2021.
The text is Mark 1:14-20.

Epiphany 4
Here is Christian’s sermon of 2/01/2021.
The text is Mark 1:21-28.

Epiphany 5
Here is Christian’s sermon of 2/07/2021.
The text is Mark 1:29-39.

Here is Christian’s sermon of 2/14/2021.
The text is Mark 9:2-10.

The text is Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21.

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