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Giving Way

by Dianne Bilyak

In our world nothing sets, it turns.
Galileo observed this through a weak lens,
saw the strongest of Jupiter’s moons
as four points of light
shifting their positions in time.

And even when he could not,
he discovered they were only
concealed by the cyclic eclipses
of steady, celestial motion,
by rotations herding the galaxy
to keep its outer rim sharp.

She was like that planet
carrying twice the weight
of all the others combined,
her red eye set to glare,
her surface pulsating with
temperatures so extreme
landing was futile.

I told her, try this:
open the mouth and say Ah,
then Ah Lay, then Ah Lay Lu,
then all of them together
with a Ya at the end.

This is joy.

It doesn’t come at once,
it comes in pieces
like stairs and lifts you.
Or swings like a gate in the wind.
When it’s slightly ajar
you should push through,
wander around,
maybe sing.

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