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Our Garden is Blessed! Volunteer hours this Saturday from 11-2! And sign up for volunteer hours in August and September…

We had a wonderful Garden blessing and popsicle party on Saturday the 21st–thanks to everyone who came out!  Check out this album of photos.  We also installed the sculpture And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning, made of eleven wooden ladders joined together, in the new bed along the wall.  On Monday we planted decorative gourds, pumpkins, and assorted flowers at the base of the ladders, in hope that they will grow and vine up the rungs of the ladders by the fall.  We also have a new bed along the west fence planted with many varieties of sunflower, and have transplanted the four donated pots of morning glories along the fence in the front.  And there are Nasturtium seeds newly planted in the tops of the burlap sacks, so hopefully we will have some more flowers soon to keep Emily’s gorgeous Zinnias company.

This Saturday Eric will host open hours from 11 AM-2 PM.   He’ll be harvesting beets and carrots and planting Kale, and possibly starting work on a new bed for the

We are looking for volunteers to host open hours at the garden during August and September, so please email me at rachel@stlydias.org if you are interested in spending a couple of hours maintaining the space and welcoming visitors.  We are looking for volunteers for the following days, but are open to having open hours anytime, so email me if you are interested, even if none of these times work for you!

Sunday mornings/afternoons in general (anytime between 9 AM-6 PM, you can decide how many hours you want to do, it can be two hours, three, four…whatever works for you)

And these dates specifically:
August 4
August 5
August 18
August 19
September 22
September 23

Email me at rachel@stlydias.org if you are interested in hosting hours, or participating in the garden in any other capacity!

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