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Songs We Sing — “Comfort, Comfort Now My People” with harmony parts

Squeezebox is a place for our Song Leaders, as well as congregants, to learn the songs we sing at St. Lydia’s.


Here are the parts for “Comfort, Comfort Now My People,” our final hymn for November and Advent.  Links for the sheet music and recordings of the four harmony parts are below.

This hymn has a nice, bouncy feel to it.  The rhythmic patterns and accents are somewhat unexpected (part of the fun), so I recommend you start by learning the melody (soprano) line first before taking on any of the other harmonies.  Each line has fun little rhythmic moves and the tenor and bass lines have a number of melodic leaps in them, so know that it might take repeated listening and practice before you start to feel completely comfortable.  The harmonies and rhythmic counterpoints really help the piece come to life, so your learning will prove rewarding.

As always, the featured harmony in each file is panned to the left, with the other three voices panned right.  For purposes of these recordings, the first verse has been harmonized.  When we sing it at a service, we’ll sing the first verse in unison and break out into harmonies on the second verse.  To assist you in hearing the change from the melody line to the harmony parts, each file starts with the final phrase of the melody.

Have fun!

Comfort Comfort Now My People — sheet music

Comfort, Comfort Now My People — soprano

Comfort, Comfort Now My People — alto

Comfort, Comfort Now My People —tenor

Comfort, Comfort Now My People — bass

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