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Songs For Summer at St. Lydia’s

Squeezebox is a place for our Song Leaders, as well as congregants, to learn the songs we sing at St. Lydia’s.


Hello Song Leaders!

Below you will find all the songs we’ll be singing this summer at St. Lydia’s.  Since the Summer takes us through three whole months, there are a selection of songs for you to choose from in most categories.  Listen, and see what you’d like to learn and teach!


Gathering Song

Sing God’s Praises Glory Hallelu” (this one is a new one!)

Jesus We Are Gathered

“Caribbean Hallelujah” (also new, and on its way!)


Candle Lighting Song

Evening Lamps Are Lit

Come Light of Lights


Table Acclamation

Summer Table Acclamation


Prayer Song

Click here to choose a Prayer Song


Offering Song

This is a new category this summer, a song that calls us back from clean up for the offering and announcements. 

“A-men!” (to come)


“Know That God is Good” (to come)


Closing Hymn 

June: Come Down O Love Divine

July: O Praise to Thee My God This Night

August: Day Is Done

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