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St. Lydia’s is only around because of you. Your voice, leadership, and contributions make it what it is. This Spring, we’re making it easy to help keep the wheels turning at 304 Bond street, through micro tasks!

Here’s how it works:

1. Find this green box:

Take a card, write your name, and record the contributions you’d like to make to St. Lydia’s.  There’s a place for the amount of time and the amount of money you’d like to give.  On the back, you can write how you’re feeling called to serve this year.

2. When you’re ready to give time to St. Lydia’s, pick up a micro task card from the silver micro task box!

The card gives the task, detailed instructions, and a time estimate.  When you’re done with your micro task, record the time on your contribution card, and place the micro task card in the “DONE” section of the silver micro task box.

So easy!





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