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Songs We Sing — “Lament for Zion”

Hello most awesome Song Leaders!

Here’s a beautiful new gathering hymn, with a justice theme, from our own congregant, the amazing Debbie Holloway.

It has two parts, each part with different lyrics.

Part 1.

Zion, Zion how long, O Lord, will we cry to see you? O,
Zion, Zion how long, O Lord, will we cry to see you? O,

Part 2.

The rule of this world is unjust.
How long will we cry?
How long will we cry?

Here’s a recording of the first part on its own: Lament for Zion — melody only


And here’s a recording of the first part, with the second part entering after two rounds:  Lament for Zion — both parts together

Teach part 1 first.  Then stop the singing (or get them to sing quietly so you can teach part two) divide the room in half and teach part two to one side of the room.  (Whenever dividing the singers into two groups, pay attention to where the strongest singing is coming from and attempt to divide those singers equally between the two parts.)

The shruti setting is silver.

Let the beautiful lamentation begin!

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