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Music for All Saints’ 2018

Hello Song Leaders,

Here’s the music will be using for All Saints’ Day, 2018, which we will observe on Sunday, November 4 and Monday, November 5.  All Saints’ Day is a time when we remember those who have died, and the service music reflects this theme of remembrance and the mixture of wonder, sadness, and joy that we feel when remembering those we’ve lost.

Gathering song: “There Are Angels Hovering Round”  (This is a traditional song but may be new to many at Saint Lydia’s)

Lamp Lighting song: “Receive, O Earth” (refrain only)

Table Acclamation: “Fall Acclamation

Prayer Song: Song Leader’s choice

Post-cleanup Gathering Song: “Zimbabwe  Alleluia

Final Hymn: “For All the Saints

It’s a special day for the congregation, and your song leading provides a great invitation for people to take part in this celebration of remembrance.  Thank you for that!

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