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Descend to Us

This is a brand new composition for Advent by Matt Veligdan, and it will be used during the candle lighting and procession to the tables. This Advent, a reading (Revelation 21:1-5a) will be added between the passing of the light and the procession to the tables.

Once each person is holding a lit candle, invite a drone. The reader will read the Scripture passage. Then bring the song back in, and invite the procession to the tables.

Descend to us as we await
And meet us in our earthly state.
Dwell with us, Lord, and draw us near,
Establish now your kingdom here,
with no more pain or cause to mourn:
The Advent of an Earth newborn.

Here’s a recording!

Some tips on how to teach this one:

1) Begin with spoken text. Have the congregation echo the first two phrases, read the middle alone, then invite and echo on the last phrase – just as you will when singing.

2) Teach phrases by call and echo with no overlap.

3) Introduce the overlap. Midway through this time, the Deacon can begin to pass the light.

4) Once the light has been passed, tag (repeat) the last phrase, “The Advent…,” then invite a drone.

5) The reader reads Revelation 21:1-5a over the drone

6) Sing the last phrase, “The Advent…,” as a cue into the song again. Everyone moves to the tables.

5) Tag the last phrase again to end the song.

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