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Sermons from Summer of 2021

Here are audio recordings of sermons from the summer of 2021!

Christian’s sermon of 06-07-21 on Mark 3:20-35

Christian’s sermon of 06-14-21 on Mark 4:26-34

Christian’s sermon of 6-21-21 on Mark 4:35-41

Christine Geeding’s sermon of 7-05-21 on Mark 6:1-13

Linda Mandracchia’s sermon of 7-12-21 on Mark 6:14-29

Christian’s sermon of 7-26-21 on John 6:1-21

Christian’s sermon of 8-02-21 on Acts 16:6-40

Christine Geeding’s sermon of 8-8-21 on John 6:35, 41-51

Mark Gilman’s sermon of 8-16-21 on John 6:51-58

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