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Here is Bread

“Here Is Bread” is a beautiful song by  Mary Kay Beall and John Carter. You can hear a teaching recording here. Our words are slightly different from the original song and the version used in the teaching recording linked above. Here is bread for the hungry heart. Here is wine for the thirsty soul. Here […]

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Songs for Lent 2023

Dear Song Leaders and Lydian music lovers, Here’s our menu of songs for Lent: Thank you for leading your community in song!

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“Holloway Acclamation”

Here’s a beautiful table acclamation by our very own Jack Holloway! The shruti setting is blue (a C and an F). And here’s a teaching recording.

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“Day by Day”

This is NOT the song from Godspell but an older hymn, with words by the Swedish poet Lina Sandell, and music by Swedish composer Oskar Ahnfelt, who wrote tunes for many of Lina Sandell’s hymns.The translation is by American composer Robert Leaf. Here are the words: Day by day, your mercies, Lord, attend me,Bringing comfort […]

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“Though the Earth Shall Change”

“Though the Earth Shall Change” is a lovely song by Tom Witt and Rolf Vegdahl. Here are the lyrics: Though the earth shall change,though the mountains tremble,though the waters rage,you God are here. Though the nations war,though the peoples battle,though the empire falters,we will not fear. And here’s a recording.

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Music for Christmas and Epiphany 2022-2023

Hello Song Leaders! Here is our menu of musical selections for the upcoming season: GATHERING SONG: Arise, Shine (shruti box on silver) CANDLE LIGHTING SONG: The Light of Christ (shruti box on silver) TABLE ACCLAMATION: Shelton Table Acclamation OFFERING SONG: Mxadana Alleluia FINAL HYMN: January — Star in the East  (American Traditional) Lyrics February — Be Thou My […]

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Music for Advent 2022

Welcome song leaders, voices of the congregation, and all who love to sing! Advent is here and so is our new menu of music for the season. Gathering song: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” Candle lighting song: “Honor the Dark” or “Walking Into Darkness” Table acclamation:  Vasile Advent Table Acclamation Prayer song: Preference for “Yea, […]

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“Walking into Darkness”

“Walking into Darkness” is a song by Jacob Slichter, with words adapted from the poem “Love is a Stranger” by Sufi mystic and poet Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī as well as line from the song “What a Wonderful World,” (written by Bob Thiele and George Weiss and originally performed by Louis Armstrong). Here are the […]

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“Honor the Dark”

“Honor the Dark” is a beautiful song in 4 parts, written and performed by Lea Morris. It’s a wonderful piece for advent and wintertime, featuring loving lyrics which embrace the warmth and power of darkness: 1. Honor the dark, honor the dark 2. Honor the darkness, honor the darkness 3. Honor the darkAs you do the lightReceive […]

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Songs for Fall 2022

Greetings Song Leaders and all who love to sing! Here is our list of songs for the fall. Gathering Song: Till the Moon is No More Candle-Lighting Song: Journey of a Thousand Miles Table Acclamation: Shelton Table Acclaimation (thanks Meave!) Regathering/Offering Song: Amen Final Hymn: Come Thou Fount Thank you for holding your community in song!

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