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St. Lydia’s seeks Sunday Night Coordinator

St. Lydia’s is seeking a seminarian to serve as Coordinator at our Sunday evening services.  The Coordinator’s role is to keep the gears moving smoothly for our Sunday night worship services.  Coordinators receive a food order at 5:00 pm, open the doors at 5:30, welcome and orient lay leaders (cooks, deacons, and song leaders) as […]

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Launching “Room at the Table!”

  Dear Lydians,   The church is made of people; it’s made of all of you.  The church is made of people, but the people, it turns out, often need a place.  A place to gather to sing and pray and worship.  A place to devote themselves to those “marks of the church” we read […]

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Letter from Emily: Exciting News

This letter was sent to the St. Lydia’s congregation on May 27, 2013   Dear Lydians, Last Sunday night we read the story of the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles in wind and fire…and then on Monday we read it again.  St. Lydia’s is growing, and in response to this growth, we’re doing everything […]

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Ash Wednesday: St. Lydia’s will distribute ashes in the Atlantic/Pacific MTA Station

We will be back underground this Ash Wednesday, Feburary 13 from 5:30 PM-7:30 PM to distribute ashes to commuters. We’ll meet in the same passage near the 4th Avenue/Pacific street entrance, between the R/N and 2/3, 4/5 lines. Charlotte will be playing the fiddle, and Emily and interested Lydians will be dispensing ashes to anyone who […]

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Letter from Emily: Season of Listening

Dear Lydians, Let’s start with a little Greek, shall we?  In Greek, there are two words for “time,” chronos and kairos.  Chronos is the word that we usually think of when we think of time: clocks and calendars and timers — time that can be measured and ordered and scheduled.  Kairos, however, is a different […]

Christmas Schedule for St. Lydia’s

St. Lydia’s will be holding regular Dinner Church services on Sundays through the holidays. We won’t be having a special Christmas Eve service but if a group of Lydians want to attend another church’s service together, we’d like to help facilitate that. If you want to go to church on Christmas with a group of Lydians, email […]

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Installation and Blessing of New Ministry on Sunday, December 9

This Sunday, December 9, we will be celebrating at St. Lydia’s!  All sorts of folks will be coming (including you!) to celebrate St. Lydia’s, bless our ministry, and install Emily as our pastor.  You are invited.   The service will begin at 7:00.  As usual, we will eat dinner!  All are welcome.

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Google Group for Hurricane Relief

St. Lydia’s and Not So Churchy has a google group up and running for folks who would like to work toward hurricane relief and would like to do in in a loosely-banded/cohort kind of way. It’s called “So-Long-Sandy” You can post when you’re volunteering and others can join you, and vice versa.  It will also be a good […]

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Dinner Church is on for Sunday November 4

The Zen Center where we meet, at 505 Carroll street is warm, dry, and has electricity.  Dinner Church will take place as usual on Sunday, November 4.  Come hungry.  You will be fed.

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St. Lydia’s Tote Bags are Totally Stylin’

Dear Friends of St. Lydia’s, Here There and Everywhere, I happen to know that there is one thing missing from your wardrobe.  It is a St. Lydia’s tote bag, which adds both pizazz and zest to any outfit. Just look at Jake, whose lilac and ochre ensemble is perfectly complimented by the tote bag’s neutral […]

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